Class lispa\amos\core\views\grid\DataColumn

Inheritancelispa\amos\core\views\grid\DataColumn » kartik\grid\DataColumn

DataColumn is the default column type for the \kartik\grid\GridView widget.

It is used to show data columns and allows \lispa\amos\core\views\grid\enableSorting and \lispa\amos\core\views\grid\filter them.

A simple data column definition refers to an attribute in the data model of the GridView's data provider. The name of the attribute is specified by \lispa\amos\core\views\grid\attribute.

By setting \lispa\amos\core\views\grid\value and \lispa\amos\core\views\grid\label, the header and cell content can be customized.

A data column differentiates between the \lispa\amos\core\views\grid\getDataCellValue and the \lispa\amos\core\views\grid\renderDataCellContent. The cell value is an un-formatted value that may be used for calculation, while the actual cell content is a \lispa\amos\core\views\grid\format version of that value which may contain HTML markup.

Method Details

renderFilterCellContent() protected method

protected void renderFilterCellContent ( )