Class lispa\amos\core\widget\WidgetGraphic

Inheritancelispa\amos\core\widget\WidgetGraphic » lispa\amos\core\widget\WidgetAbstract » yii\base\Widget » yii\base\Component » yii\base\Object
Implementsyii\base\Configurable, yii\base\ViewContextInterface
Subclasseslispa\amos\admin\widgets\graphics\WidgetGraphicMyProfile, lispa\amos\community\widgets\graphics\WidgetGraphicsCommunityReports, lispa\amos\community\widgets\graphics\WidgetGraphicsMyCommunities, lispa\amos\community\widgets\graphics\WidgetHackathonCampusParty, lispa\amos\discussioni\widgets\graphics\WidgetGraphicsDiscussioniInEvidenza, lispa\amos\discussioni\widgets\graphics\WidgetGraphicsUltimeDiscussioni, lispa\amos\documenti\widgets\graphics\WidgetGraphicsHierarchicalDocuments, lispa\amos\documenti\widgets\graphics\WidgetGraphicsUltimiDocumenti, lispa\amos\news\widgets\graphics\WidgetGraphicsUltimeNews, lispa\amos\partnershipprofiles\widgets\graphics\WidgetGraphicsLatestPartnershipProfiles

Public Methods

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MethodDescriptionDefined By
__call() Calls the named method which is not a class method. yii\base\Component
__clone() This method is called after the object is created by cloning an existing one. yii\base\Component
__construct() Constructor. yii\base\Object
__get() Returns the value of a component property. yii\base\Component
__isset() Checks if a property is set, i.e. defined and not null. yii\base\Component
__set() Sets the value of a component property. yii\base\Component
__unset() Sets a component property to be null. yii\base\Component
afterRun() This method is invoked right after a widget is executed. yii\base\Widget
attachBehavior() Attaches a behavior to this component. yii\base\Component
attachBehaviors() Attaches a list of behaviors to the component. yii\base\Component
beforeRun() This method is invoked right before the widget is executed. yii\base\Widget
begin() Begins a widget. yii\base\Widget
behaviors() Returns a list of behaviors that this component should behave as. yii\base\Component
canGetProperty() Returns a value indicating whether a property can be read. yii\base\Component
canSetProperty() Returns a value indicating whether a property can be set. yii\base\Component
className() Returns the fully qualified name of this class. yii\base\Object
detachBehavior() Detaches a behavior from the component. yii\base\Component
detachBehaviors() Detaches all behaviors from the component. yii\base\Component
end() Ends a widget. yii\base\Widget
ensureBehaviors() Makes sure that the behaviors declared in behaviors() are attached to this component. yii\base\Component
getBehavior() Returns the named behavior object. yii\base\Component
getBehaviors() Returns all behaviors attached to this component. yii\base\Component
getClassFullSize() lispa\amos\core\widget\WidgetAbstract
getCode() lispa\amos\core\widget\WidgetAbstract
getDescription() lispa\amos\core\widget\WidgetAbstract
getHtml() lispa\amos\core\widget\WidgetGraphic
getId() Returns the ID of the widget. yii\base\Widget
getLabel() lispa\amos\core\widget\WidgetAbstract
getModuleName() lispa\amos\core\widget\WidgetAbstract
getView() Returns the view object that can be used to render views or view files. yii\base\Widget
getViewPath() Returns the directory containing the view files for this widget. yii\base\Widget
getWidgetPermission() lispa\amos\core\widget\WidgetAbstract
hasEventHandlers() Returns a value indicating whether there is any handler attached to the named event. yii\base\Component
hasMethod() Returns a value indicating whether a method is defined. yii\base\Component
hasProperty() Returns a value indicating whether a property is defined for this component. yii\base\Component
init() Initializes the object. yii\base\Widget
isVisible() lispa\amos\core\widget\WidgetAbstract
off() Detaches an existing event handler from this component. yii\base\Component
on() Attaches an event handler to an event. yii\base\Component
render() Renders a view. yii\base\Widget
renderFile() Renders a view file. yii\base\Widget
run() lispa\amos\core\widget\WidgetGraphic
setClassFullSize() This method set the class name define custom size lispa\amos\core\widget\WidgetAbstract
setCode() lispa\amos\core\widget\WidgetAbstract
setDescription() lispa\amos\core\widget\WidgetAbstract
setId() Sets the ID of the widget. yii\base\Widget
setLabel() lispa\amos\core\widget\WidgetAbstract
setModuleName() lispa\amos\core\widget\WidgetAbstract
setView() Sets the view object to be used by this widget. yii\base\Widget
setWidgetPermission() lispa\amos\core\widget\WidgetAbstract
trigger() Triggers an event. yii\base\Component
widget() Creates a widget instance and runs it. yii\base\Widget


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EventTypeDescriptionDefined By
EVENT_AFTER_RUN yii\base\WidgetEvent An event raised right after executing a widget. (available since version 2.0.11) yii\base\Widget
EVENT_BEFORE_RUN yii\base\WidgetEvent An event raised right before executing a widget. (available since version 2.0.11) yii\base\Widget
EVENT_INIT yii\base\Event An event that is triggered when the widget is initialized via init(). (available since version 2.0.11) yii\base\Widget

Property Details

$html public read-only property
public void getHtml ( )

Method Details

getHtml() public method

public void getHtml ( )
run() public method

public void run ( )