Class lispa\amos\privileges\utility\PrivilegesUtility

Inheritancelispa\amos\privileges\utility\PrivilegesUtility » yii\base\Object

Class PrivilegesUtility

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getModulePrivileges() lispa\amos\privileges\utility\PrivilegesUtility
getPrivilegeByAuthItem() lispa\amos\privileges\utility\PrivilegesUtility
getPrivilegesArray() lispa\amos\privileges\utility\PrivilegesUtility
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init() lispa\amos\privileges\utility\PrivilegesUtility


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ConstantValueDescriptionDefined By
CWH_PERMISSION_PREFIX 'CWH_PERMISSION' lispa\amos\privileges\utility\PrivilegesUtility
ITEM_CHILD_TABLE '{{%auth_item_child}}' lispa\amos\privileges\utility\PrivilegesUtility
ITEM_TABLE '{{%auth_item}}' lispa\amos\privileges\utility\PrivilegesUtility

Property Details

$amosUser public property
  • user with id = $userId
$directAssignments public property
  • name of the authitems directly assigned to user (via table auth_assignments)
$items public property
  • array of auth items
public yii\rbac\Item[] $items = []
$modulePrivileges public read-only property
public void getModulePrivileges ( $moduleName null, $isView false )
$modulesPrivileges public property
  • array of names of privileges related to modules (not platform)
$privileges public property
$privilegesArray public read-only property
public array getPrivilegesArray ( $isView false )
$privilegesModule public property
  • module instance to get whitelists and blacklists
$userId public property

To check privileges

public integer $userId null

Method Details

getModulePrivileges() public method

public void getModulePrivileges ( $moduleName null, $isView false )
getPrivilegeByAuthItem() public method

public lispa\amos\privileges\models\Privilege getPrivilegeByAuthItem ( $item )
$item yii\rbac\Item
getPrivilegesArray() public method

public array getPrivilegesArray ( $isView false )
init() public method

public void init ( )